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Lieutenant Jin-soo Tae

Name Jin-soo Tae

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 168 cm (5’6”)
Weight 57 kg (126 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Hazelnut
Eye Color Pale Cerulean
Physical Description A full head of dark, slightly curled hazelnut coloured hair paired with equally dark irises are by far the most striking of Jin-soo’s features. Her complexion is considered fair by most standards, though there is a tendency to develop a tan after an away mission on a sunny planet. Like most Starfleet officers, she is in good shape and health, having kept a strict regime of daily exercises since her academy days. She is slightly taller than most average human females, but in a universe where some individuals may grow to gargantuan heights, this is not saying much.

A child of the Fleet, Jin-soo has always paid extra care and attention to the way she dressed; an immaculate uniform for every duty shift and herself well groomed before stepping on the bridge. Still, there is a sense of style expressed in whichever way that allows her to play Icarus with regulations: a loose jade bracelet around her wrist written off for religious significance, aviators coming out only when there isn’t a stringent quartermaster around, and rolled up sleeves when she has to dirty her hands.


Father Tae Dong-hyun (Cmdr. Semi-retired, Professor of Xenobiology, SFA)
Mother Tae Eun-kyung (RADM. Director of SFI)
Brother(s) Tae Hyun-woo (Unemployed)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Perhaps at the start of her career, Jin-soo might have been the stereotypical hotshot ace seen in holo-novels, from the swagger to the blithe attitude for danger. But ever since working her way up the ladder to her current rank, she has matured and learned to assess a situation from multiple angles before dashing in with the fringe hopes of success based solely upon one’s own merits. There is still a level of cockiness left, but that attitude has turned into a solemn display of skill rather than the abrasive brag she once used to assert herself. A casual and relaxed individual, she is cavalier about most things in life though on occasions, minor inconveniences have a way of irritating her. She is generally serious about her work, but sometimes repetition has a way of dulling that sense of urgency. The circumstances of her birth is also apparent in the way she speaks and carries herself, having a soft and tender accent telling of an individual raised in the Federation core.
Strengths & Weaknesses There is a reason as to why Jin-soo holds the post of chief helmsman on one of Starfleet’s premier explorers and it wasn’t nepotism that got her to where she is. She is quite the skilled pilot, having both a natural talent and training to back up this whiff of arrogance she might give off from time to time. As such she is highly focused and has the ability to remain so even under high-stress situations. Paired with this focus and dedication, her reflexes are quicker than most and her sleight-of-hand might even be comparable to that of a Ferengi.

Given Jin-soo’s laidback demeanour, she is quite approachable and easy to talk to during casual conversations. This has allowed her to make quick and easy friends, making her quite popular on each new ship she is assigned to. This popularity is ultimately meaningless but there are times where it’ll swing her into the orbits of influential people. Compounded with that, she has quite the silver tongue when it comes to diffusing situations or appeasing an irate individual, tricks she picked up during her youth having had to weasel out of trouble. In another life, she might have been a diplomat.

Despite this popularity, Jin-soo doesn’t exactly have many individuals she’s close with. Whilst she has no trouble forming the initial groundworks for friendship, she either doesn’t bother or is incapable of anything further than that. Part of it is her own refusal to get too close to anyone she serves with, though there is also another part in relation to how she was raised and this carefree façade she loves to display. She appears sociable and bubbly, but such appearances are only superficial.

Depending on the person, one may be familiar with the surname Tae. These are usually other children of the Fleet, but there are times when more perceptive individuals may connect the lines between her and another Tae in Starfleet command. Jin-soo tries to fly under the radar in regards to this kin relationship with fears of accusations in relation to nepotism and her own achievements being compared to that of her forerunner. She tends to treat it like a secret and keeps it close to the chest.

Her time at the Academy was spent socialising, playing baseball, and flying shuttle aerobatics. While Jin-soo did pass, or perhaps was “helped”, in many of her more academically intensive courses, she ultimately didn’t gleam as much as one would have out of them. The finer points of engineering are lost on her and the higher concepts of the sciences have a negative effect of boring her mind if explained at inopportune times. She knows the basics of first-aid and is certified in phaser use like any other officer, but outside of that, she isn’t exactly the first choice for a Klingon to take to Sto’vo’kor. She is slippery though—even on foot—and can probably put up a good resistance if assaulted, but she really is just a smooth talking pilot at the end of the day.
Ambitions Her goals in Starfleet are a bit more muddled; she is not exactly sure what she wants to achieve. Joining was a natural progression point in her life, though after her brother dropped out, it seems the pressure of upholding any familial legacies has fallen onto her. While her mother most likely would want to see her in the command chair someday, Jin-soo isn’t exactly keen on it. Despite any personal reservations however, she has risen through the ranks faster than any other mid level officers and it seems command will most definitely be something on her horizon.
Hobbies & Interests Jin-soo is a diehard Niners fan. Ever since her discovery of the sport at the age of 8 she has yet to miss a Niners game. She even has a signed baseball from #55, a cherished possession she takes to every different assignment as a token of luck. As such, she naturally enjoys playing baseball herself. The sport has been an escape for her during her teenage years and was an active extracurricular activity she pursued during the Academy.

Stellar cartography, while not exactly her area of focus, has been a keen locale of interest given its proximity to her status as a helm officer. This interest in stellar cartography has subsequently led her to terrestrial cartography and ancient naval navigation. Sailing became a hobby she picked up during her time on the Cydonia, having been shown the sport by a colleague.

She also has a habit of chewing gum, something picked up during her Academy days with Delta squadron. It is something done both as a means of relaxing herself during tense situations and to keep her focus. She doesn’t chew all the time, especially when there isn’t a reason for her to relax or to focus. Jin-soo prefers the ones that make bubbles, but is willing to settle for just regular gum.

Personal History Daughter of career Starfleet officers, Tae Jin-soo like many others was born onboard a starship. She spent her formative years with her parents, but as she grew older, it was decided that a terrestrial upbringing would be far more beneficial than life amongst the stars. Thus at the age of five, she and her then eight year old brother relocated to a colony within the Japori sector to live a quiet and nurturing life with their grandparents. But quiet was not the case for Jin-soo as she was, by every means, a very disobedient child. Oftentimes, she was found out late past curfew, wandering about or laying in the fields of indigo staring up at the night sky. Other times, she found trouble with other children, either getting into fights or participating in other mischief. Despite these troubles, the only constant in her life was her older brother, with whom she formed a very close bond. It was also during these formative years where she realised a deep love and yearning for the cosmos, something that would come to play a major factor in her later years.

During her early teenage years, Jin-soo’s mother returned to Earth after receiving a promotion to SFI HQ. As a result of this new promotion, it was decided that both Jin-soo and her brother were to move to Earth so they may live with their mother. Life with their mother was nowhere near as idyllic as life with her grandparents. Their mother was in every aspect a tiger mom and often pressured both Jin-soo and her brother in their studies. Her brother eventually cracked, but Jin-soo finding comfort in sports--predominantly baseball--and stargazing was able to weather the storm of tiger parenting. Their mother had her reasons; they were, after all, being groomed for a future within Starfleet. To add to her troubles during her youth, her father was also absent, save for the occasions he’d appear on the holo in order to speak to both children. His career as a xenobiologist has kept him far and away from his family, relegating him to nothing more than a distant source of comfort from their demanding mother.

Jin-soo entered Starfleet Academy shortly after her eighteenth birthday. Like her brother, she was sponsored by their mother who at the time was recently promoted to Director of Interior within SFI. Given their status as part of the internal politics of Starfleet, Jin-soo was naturally given the best classes and introduced to the best professors. She was expected to steer her career towards something related to SFI, something to mold her into an intelligence officer, and so for her first year, she hesitantly declared a major in Xeno-Geopolitical Analyzation. As expected, she hated Xeno-Geopolitical Analyzation, or any corresponding classes required for this major. She felt confined, trapped in a cell like she was during her teenage years and so in a desperate bid to free herself from these chains, she visited the guidance counsellor and requested a change to flight control. The counsellor was naturally hesitant, knowing the desires of her Commodore mother, but after a rather dramatic and well sought out argument from Jin-soo, he relented. Her mother was, of course, unhappy about such events but considering the fact that both fell within the same branch of command, she eventually gave her blessing.

Flight control came naturally to Jin-soo, though by the late 24th century, the matter of controlling spacecrafts became more of an execution of preplanned routes and maneuvores by a sophisticated computer system rather than fast reactions and adrenaline pumping last calls one would usually associate. Still, there remains a small group who continue relishing in the glory of piloting and Jin-soo was among the rare few. As such, by her junior year, she was able to join one of the top squadrons in the Academy known simply as Delta squad. Her time with Delta was rather eventful, from near-death experiences during flashy, high-risk maneuvores to reprimands where the entire squadron was lined up in the intendent’s office, Jin-soo experienced all that was to experience of a hotshot Academy pilot. In addition to her participation with Delta squad, she was also heavily involved in sports, mainly the Academy’s baseball team having played the position of shortstop for the entirety of her four years. She always had a sort of fanaticism for the sport, having started playing at the age of nine. She had a fairly successful run during her collegiate baseball career, having won a championship during her senior year. After the requisite four years of studying, Jin-soo graduated from the Academy with a major in helm/navigations and a minor in stellar cartography.

After graduation, Jin-soo was commissioned with the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Anson as a member of the flight staff. The Anson was predominantly a sector defense ship and often participated in skirmishes against hostile forces or relief missions to beliegered colonies. For the first year of her career as an Ensign, Jin-soo predominantly functioned as a shuttle pilot, chauffeuring senior staff between places that required shuttle transportation or carrying goods down to colonies that couldn’t otherwise be beamed down. She had some time on the flight control console, though for the most part, this task was left up to more senior individuals. However, as she became less green, she was afforded more time at the conn and eventually became quite familiar with the navigations of a Sovereign-class Starship. By year two, she comfortably settled into the position at conn as the helmsman during gamma shift. She was eventually offered a promotion at the conclusion of her two years as an Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade, though this came with a catch that she would no longer serve onboard the Anson.

Jin-soo accepted of course. If there was one thing she learned from her mother it was to grab opportunities that brought vertical advancements to one’s career. Her new posting was onboard the USS Cydonia, an Intrepid class deep-space explorer outfitted for a brief three year mission on the edge of Federation space in the Beta quadrant with the goal of charting unknown stellar bodies. This would be her first deep space assignment, one that would bring her away from her family though perhaps that was exactly why she chose this posting. Her father had recently retired from Starfleet, but that only brought drama as he was now in the same vacinity as her older brother, who had flunked out of SFA when Jin-soo had just began her time at the Academy. The tension was not something she wished to subject herself to, though in truth, she wasn’t exactly ready to see her father again after all these years away on some far out outpost.

Jin-soo served in the capacity of assistant chief flight control officer during her time on the Cydonia, sitting at the helm mostly during beta shift. However, in stark contrast to her time on the Anson, the majority of her time on the Cydonia was spent plotting trajectories and navigating stellar bodies. It wasn’t something she was completely used to, having been brought up predominantly as a combat pilot and her first assignment being a posting that saw quite a lot of action but navigation was part of her training and she soon became proficient in the finer parts of helm control. She was even afforded the opportunity to sharpen her skills within stellar cartography, something woefully missed during her time onboard the Anson. By the conclusion of her three year mission, she had matured and was no longer the hotshot ace she once was during her youth.

Now once again at the precipice of decisions, Jin-soo was offered to either stay on with the Cydonia or to transfer to another vessel. She was on track to receive a promotion either way but her new posting would afford a position as the chief conn officer. It took some time to reach a decision, but eventually she chose the new posting. While she enjoyed her time and got along fine with the crew of the Cydonia, being an assistant was always worse than being the actual chief herself. Thus she chose the new posting on the USS Horizon.
Service Record 2387 - 2391: SFA

2391 - 2393: USS Anson - Flight Control Officer

2394 - 2397: USS Cydonia - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer