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Lieutenant Commander Devin Hadenbeer

Name Devin Hadenbeer

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 160cm
Weight 50kg
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Devin is an attractive human female with a head of thick auburn hair seldom worn down in public, but kept in a tight or loose bun depending upon mood. Her demeanor is one of someone full of barely restrained energy and would rather stand than sit, would rather pace than stand. These days she is often seen with a cane, a curious affectation developed during a period when she required one to walk.


Spouse/Significant Other Jorge Straum (divorced, deceased)
Father Robert (deceased)
Mother Hannah (deceased)
Brother(s) Ulfrice and Hereward (both older)
Other Family Dare (niece), Elfin (sister in-law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Devin had once been a warm, friendly whose ordeals have given her a more acerbic outlook on life and a desire to keep most at their distance. She has a strong sense of duty and of right and wrong, and is quite willing to put both life and career on the line to support friends, family, crew and principles. Devin Hadenbeer can be a fierce ally or a terrible enemy.
Strengths & Weaknesses +highly intelligent and creative
+flair for tactics
+loyal to a fault
+/- ruthlessly tenacious
-hides behind an eccentric façade
-can easily form and hold grudges
-reluctant to form close bonds
Ambitions Devin’s two chief ambitions were to attain command of a starship, and the other was to earn her PhD in musical composition. Her career now all but in ruins, Devin finds herself a bit adrift, not wanting to leave Starfleet but at the same time not sure of her place in it. She has pondered resigning but the prospect of becoming something else like a music teacher lacks...appeal...
Hobbies & Interests Devin is a talented composer and skilled pianist and keyboardist, she is also a decent violinist and can play a few chords on a guitar. She also possesses a strong singing voice but is not eager to show it off. Over the past year or so she has been learning various cane fighting techniques. Despite her focus on tactics Devin is still a competent engineer.

Personal History Born to medical doctors Robert and Hannah, Devin was the youngest of three siblings and like her older brothers took an instant interest in music. But after a field trip to the moon at the tender age of ten thoughts of exploration and adventure filled her head and led her straight to Starfleet. Her tour on the Montgomery had her shunted from various departments as she was taught how things worked on a starship from the keel up. It was quite an education and it was further enhanced when Kate was reassigned to Earth to care for her dying mother and placed on Admiral William Connagher’s staff. During this time also took the Advanced Tactical Training course at Starfleet Academy. After the death of her Mother Connagher had her reassigned to Damocles where she excelled as a tactical officer and was then later assigned to the USS Grant where she was transferred to Operations with the ultimate goal of grooming her for a command of her own. She rose in rank to executive officer and things seemed to be going well for her career.

And then she fell in love. His name was Jorge Straum and he was the Grant’s chief engineer. They were married and soon she became pregnant, and this temporarily quashed her chance at command. She was reassigned to Starfleet Academy until her child came to term, but then Admiral Alynna Nechayev came calling. A couple years earlier Devin had impressed the inhabitants on Angel One and the Federation was engaging in negotiations to have the system join the Federation. Nechayev wanted Devin to head the delegation. Devin reluctantly agreed. Violent separatists had set explosives near the transporter landing site and Devin was caught in the blast. She survived, but her unborn child died. Crushed, Straum could not handle the death and their grief subsequently resulted in their divorce. Counselors at Starfleet kept an eye on Devin and after a year or so believed she was ready to handle the responsibility of command once more. Her brief tour on the Lionheart-a simple task to bring the wounded ship and crew as well as various personnel slated for rear echelon duty-was to determine if she still had what it takes to command a ship of her own.

Things did not go as planned, however. Lionheart was attacked by a ship from an alternate future. According to logs found the Lionheart had inadvertently delivered a computer virus that allowed a physical virus to go undetected by Federation medical, sensor and transporter equipment. This resulted in the death of over ninety percent of all humans, allowing the Dominion to win the war. Lionheart was drawn into the future, where it was discovered her escort ship Terminus was the true carrier of the virus. Linking up with this future's rebellion, Lionheart's crew found a cure for both viruses and a way home by using the rebellion's Romulan warbird to slingshot around Earth's sun, as the crippled Lionheart could not withstand the trip on her own. Upon their return, the entire episode was classified and Devin was temporarily assigned to Starfleet Academy.

Months later the USS Grant went missing in the Kuala Cluster. Devin was given command the Lionheart A, an Akira class vessel. After several missions, among them what would become known as the battle of the lion's den, Lionheart was to test a new drive that would allow a ship to travel between dimensions. What was supposed to be a simple test turned into a nightmare as Lionheart spent three years attempting to get home, along the way encountering numerous wonders and horrors, all the while the wear and tear of dimensional travel slowly tearing the ship apart. A final mission resulted in Hadenbeer being exposed to a lethal flesh eating virus as her first officer, Marta Wallan, sacrificed herself to insure her ship could make that last jump.

That last jump broke the ship nearly in two. Warp nacelles sheared away as did her quantum torpedo “roll bar”. The ship spent weeks tumbling through space, her remaining crew barely surviving on low power and rations, all the while Hadenbeer suffered horrific pain from a ruined leg. By the time the vessel was found she was half mad. Doctors almost removed the leg but she insisted she keep it, which meant months of surgeries to replace lost bone, muscle and nerves, meaning too terrible pain. During this time Captain Hans Adenaur was placed in command of the newly christened Lionheart-B and sent on a mission to another dimension to find vessels believed to have been abducted by an alien intelligence. Devin reluctantly agreed to come along as an advisor. What was found was an alien species called The Black Tide who literally ate other sentients, who enslaved giant alien beings and used them as their ships. Adenaur opted to return to Starfleet to report their findings rather than attempt a rescue. He was not persuaded by Hadenbeer’s arguments.

Hadenbeer then knocked him unconscious with her cane and staged a mutiny. Her months on board ship had earned some small measure of regard among the crew and no one was willing to leave hundreds of living beings in the Tide’s larder. Hadenbeer and Lionheart successfully rescued the crews of the captured ships and upon returning home she faced charged of mutiny. The fact she had saved Starfleet personnel and deprived the enemy of intelligence, as well as coming up with weapons to fight them, earned her a small measure of clemency. But it was understood Devin would never achieve a rank higher than captain.

Later it was discovered that the Lionheart-A had on board her an artificial intelligence, one that had survived that ship's destruction and had been spirited onto the B by Jones, the chief of the boat. Devin hid the intelligence's existence but ultimately it was discovered. Before Devin could be brought up on charges she was whisked to another dimension by an ally/adversary for reasons known only to him. For Devin a year had passed, but back home sixteen had gone by. She was brought up on charges of harboring an artificial intelligence, and spent a year of incarceration. Upon her release Devin was stripped two levels of rank and offered the opportunity to resign.

To her superiors' surprise, she opted to stay in Starfleet...perhaps just to spite them...
Service Record 2358-2362 Starfleet Academy
2363-2364 Ensign, lieutenant j.g., USS Montgomery, assigned to Engineering, Helm, Operations and Tactical
2365 Lieutenant JG, assigned to Admiral Connagher’s staff, Earth
2366-2367 Lieutenant, Tactical Officer, Chief Tactical Officer, USS Damocles
2368-2372 Lieutenant, lt. Commander, Commander, Chief Tactical officer, Executive Officer, USS Grant
2373-2374 Commander, Starfleet Academy instructor
2375 Captain, USS Lionheart, later resumes post as Starfleet Academy instructor
2376-2378 Captain, USS Lionheart-A
2379 Medical leave
2380-2382 Captain, USS Lionheart-B
2397 lt. Commander, Operations officer, Horizon