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Lieutenant Inara Ziro

Name Inara Ziro

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Sigma Iotian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 143


Father Morix (Southside Historian, retired)
Mother Ulma

Personality & Traits

General Overview In 2168, the remote planet Sigma Iotia was visited by one of the Federation's earliest exploratory vessels: The USS Horizon (NCC-173). This visit, predating Starfleet's formal adoption of the Prime Directive, changed the course of this civilization irrevocably.

Iotians are a highly imitative species, able to adapt and extrapolate on the customs and mannerisms of other cultures with unmatched ease. A single book left behind by the Horizon crew led to generations of rule by crime families modeled after 1920's Chicago.

An attempt by Starfleet to correct this damage a century later backfired when the crew of the USS Enterprise left behind a communicator from which the Iotians were able to extrapolate the basis for warp travel in only a few short years.

Though the days of Iotian gangsters are long over, this culture represents one of Starfleet's greatest failures. Though they were eager entrants to the wider galaxy, Iotians have learned to protect themselves from the undue influence of alien cultures who might take advantage of their nature.

Sigma Iotia eventually became a member world of the UFP under special dispensation. They maintain their own exploratory and diplomatic fleet, albeit on a severe budget, but do not allow visitors to their own homeworld, even from other Federation worlds without express permission of the Iotian government.
Strengths & Weaknesses The struggle of all Iotians who travel off-world is to maintain a sense of self despite a strong imitative instinct. Because of this, and their own history, Starfleet admits very few Iotians.

This ability can also be an asset, allowing Inara to easily adapt to social situations. Her ability to walk that line is what allowed her to barely make it into Starfleet Academy.

Other Strengths: Strategic mind, cool under pressure, empathic

Other Weaknesses: Uncertain she deserves to be Starfleet, doesn't know who she is as an individual, afraid of being left behind
Ambitions She wants to prove to the Federation that Sigma Iotia deserves its place as a member world.

Wants to be the first Iotian to earn a command in Starfleet. To do that, she must break through the preconceptions against her people.

Wants to see as much of the galaxy as she can in her lifetime. Gave up engineering to feel closer to the stars.
Hobbies & Interests Was introduced to music composition and poetry at the academy. She discovered that nonliteral depictions of emotion and experience allow her to connect to the stories of other beings without being pulled in. She's still an amateur, but she hopes that someday she can be good enough to share her adventures with her people.

Service Record 2385: SFA Applicant - rejected
2386: Enlisted Crewman - Transporter Technician - Starbase 6
2387-2391: SFA Student
2391-2393: Engineering Officer - USS Intrepid
2393-2396: Tactical Officer - USS Blackfish
2396 (A three-week period): Acting Chief Tactical Officer - USS Blackfish (Ship decommissioned)
2397-present: Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical - USS Horizon