Deck Listing

USS Horizon NCC-88003The Horizon as well as her sister vessels are some of Starfleet's most advanced explorers. The Century class can often be seen informally as a 'love child' between the Sovereign and Odyssey classes due to the capabilities and similar size of the Sovereign and a very similar deflector design of the Odyssey. The Century class has similar dimensions to the Sovereign. Despite this, Century class ships typically have a smaller crew complement due to more of the systems being automated. The Century class is also equipped with a Quantum Slipstream drive that allows ships of the class to go faster than ever. In addition, the Century class can operate for large amounts of time in deep space, far away from the Federation. The lowered crew complement allows for there to be more available room for the crew. Due to the technology of the class, some of the ships of the class can be perceived as capital ships.