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After a three month stint in dry dock at the Andoria Prime Shipyard, the USS Horizon has received new upgrades. After taking leave from the Horizon to help out at Starfleet Security as the Acting Head of Starfleet Security, Captain James Phoenix returns to a mostly new and untested crew.

During their shakedown cruise following their repairs and upgrades, the crew of the Horizon pick up a planetary distress call coming from a colony located deep in Andorian space facing natural disasters following a meteor strike near some of the planet's main tectonic plates which is causing tectonic activity underneath the planets surface which means trouble for colony's population. The crew of the Horizon is put to the test to aide in any way possible and to try and prevent any further damage and devastation.

Part of 2397

In The Beginning

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Stories of the crew in the years leading up to 2397.

The Final Countdown

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