Executive Officers Personal Log #1

Posted on Mon Dec 11th, 2023 @ 2:51pm by Commander Oscar Vladinchi

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Computer, begin log.

I have just recently been picked up by the Andorian vessel, the IGS Stras, as a means of transport to rendezvous with my new station on the USS Horizon. It has been a long and complicated journey from my time as Executive Officer on the USS Tennessee to now. There was once a time where I was confident in command, assured of my own self-worth, and felt value unto myself. The death of my family changed all that.

Starfleet has been most kind to me, allowing me time - years actually - to recover from my trauma. My death on the USS Pennsylvania, if it could be called that, added to the stress on my mind. For a time I truly believed my mind was playing out a "what-if" scenario to satisfy my self before the eventual demise of a decaying body. Only recently on board the USS Poseidon did I come to terms with actually being alive, that I was alive, that I wasn't dead. Only then did I gain the confidence to stand more upright.

Commodore Paladin had noted the change almost immediately. Like a tiger waiting in the grass, he pounced upon me the moment he saw my posture and attitude changed. It was surprising, really. Like he had been waiting and observing me for all this time. I shouldn't have been surprised now that I think back on it, but back then I had actually been offended on behalf of myself. We got into an argument, struck blows even, but the Commodore was an ever patient predator and one of sincere honor. His offer had .... well, I eventually accepted, and we made amends.

I went straight from full Lieutenant to full Commander over the course of a week. Starfleet had to push the paperwork through, but it appeared with the help of the Commodore that such processes were extremely trivial. My service history and prior record as an Executive Officer - and my service in the Dominion War - seems to have done credit to my promotion. I wasn't even questioned like a traditional double promotion recipient would be. The Commodore truly worked a miracle, pulling strings I could not even begin to fathom.

We have since talked extensively about our "disagreements" back on the Poseidon. We made amends, as I mentioned, and I believe we have resumed our status quo as friends and compatriots. I have since been sending him letters, professionally of course, pertaining to my observations. I would be a fool to discharge such a valuable asset, a friend, and perhaps even a brother who cared so much as to ensure my progression into a healthier mindset. This promotion, this new charge, truly opened doors for me I long thought closed.

Now I await my arrival to the USS Horizon. I have read up on Captain Phoenix and he has an extensive and storied career that practically exceeds most individuals I have ever met. I no doubt that I shall learn much from under him, that our dialogue shall be of the utmost professionalism, and that my career shall be bolstered by his insights. I hope that whatever I have to offer shall assist him as well, as I am sure I have something to offer considering he accepted me into his position.

For the first time in a long time ... I am eager for something to come to pass. Joyful even.

Thank you Gregory. You are a true Brother to me.

Computer, end log.



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