Welcome to the USS Horizon!

The Final Frontier. Quite possibly one of the most dangerous places in the universe. Spatial anomalies, wormholes, temporal nonsense, and political conflicts all make it one of these dangerous places.

But with risk comes reward. Exploration of deep space, strange new worlds, and new life is one of the biggest rewards for many. Not to mention, it was one of Starfleet’s main directives. At least it used to be. The past two and a half decades have been filled with strife and loss and Starfleet has lost focus on exploration more and more. Even with projects like Project Full Circle and a few other directives to explore other distant places, less ships and crews are being tasked with exploration.

However with the creation of new classes of explorers in the late 2380s and early 2390s, and more ships being assigned exploration duties, Starfleet has begun to turn back to the organization’s roots, slowly, but surely. The Horizon is one of those ships with a primary focus in exploring deep space and uncharted space. With her abilities, speed, and unique crew, the Horizon can take on the galaxy -no- the universe.

The USS Horizon is a Century Class Explorer operating in the year 2397 in Theta Fleet's Area 51 Task Force.



Latest Mission Posts

» Devastation of the Zyte Colony - Part 2

Mission: Untested
Posted on Thu May 16th, 2024 @ 7:09pm by Captain James Phoenix & Master Chief Petty Officer Evelyn Bailey & Commander Oscar Vladinchi & Lieutenant Commander Richell Sorenson & Lieutenant Inara Ziro


Continuing from Part 1...

Oscar found relief to his position as an Andorian Imperial Guardsman approached. They exchanged brief introductions and relayed events before the Commander was relieved. Having the moment, he began towards the main mobile Headquarters to find the Andorian Guard Commander. he approached the command vehicle…

» Home on Lagrange

Mission: In The Beginning
Posted on Sun Feb 25th, 2024 @ 7:29am by Lieutenant Inara Ziro

=/\= Glaisher Array - Stardate 20791.9 =/\=


A vast and empty frontier...

Inara Ziro had hardly grasped the enormity of her new workplace before. She found herself half a quadrant away from her home planet, crammed into an old-style travel pod moving at a fraction of light speed. Alone.…

» Devastation of the Zyte Colony - Part 1

Mission: Untested
Posted on Mon Jan 22nd, 2024 @ 4:57pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Evelyn Bailey & Commander Oscar Vladinchi & Lieutenant Commander Richell Sorenson & Lieutenant Inara Ziro


"Energize," Oscar said.

The Andorian transporter officer faded as the figures of both Commander Vladinchi and Lieutenant Ziro were engulfed in a blue shimmering light. When it dissipated and reality reappeared, Oscar was not prepared for what he saw. Both the Commander and Lieutenant had been outfitted with standard…

» Arrival - Part Two

Mission: Untested
Posted on Sat Jan 13th, 2024 @ 4:36am by Captain James Phoenix & Lieutenant Rolek'klaz & Master Chief Petty Officer Evelyn Bailey & Commander Oscar Vladinchi & Lieutenant Commander Richell Sorenson & Lieutenant Commander Devin Hadenbeer & Lieutenant Jin-soo Tae & Lieutenant Inara Ziro

== USS Horizon ==


Not for the first time Devin wished she liked the taste of coffee, because she felt as if she could use a liter of the stuff. She and the staff had been working long hours to insure every transporter was ready, and they had drilled…

» An Indulgent Fiction

Mission: In The Beginning
Posted on Fri Jan 5th, 2024 @ 6:23am by Lieutenant Inara Ziro

== Holodeck 2 - USS Blackfish ==

The galaxy had been growing considerably smaller as the 24th century marched steadily toward its conclusion. Once, only a few secretive species were known to have cracked transwarp travel. But once the Federation gets ahold of something, it isn't long before the wealth…

Latest Personal Logs

» Executive Officers Personal Log #1

Posted on Mon Dec 11th, 2023 @ 2:51pm by Commander Oscar Vladinchi

Computer, begin log.

I have just recently been picked up by the Andorian vessel, the IGS Stras, as a means of transport to rendezvous with my new station on the USS Horizon. It has been a long and complicated journey from my time as Executive Officer on the USS Tennessee…

» Commander's Log

Posted on Fri Sep 22nd, 2023 @ 3:28am by Commander Sernia Logan

Commander's Personal Log supplemental.

When we just got started with our first thing of all time. The training cruise. Before we left drydock or Spacedock, our original Executive Officer left the ship without us realizing that they left. I wonder what the captain is going to do with me. I'm…

» Personal Log

Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2023 @ 10:22pm by Commander Sernia Logan

Commander Sernia Logan's Personal Log:

Since my arriaval on the Horizon was so sudden, I'm really glad that I have been assigned here. Although, I've developed some sort or emotional attachment toward my Assistant, and it might not work very well. Although, having just been on board the Horizon, the…